Hello, World!

Thanks for your interest in the PharmGKB API. We are currently in the middle of building it and are shooting for a release this summer.

It will be a RESTful interface that serves JSON representations of all our annotations (e.g. dosing guidelines, pathways, clinical annotations) and reference objects (e.g. genes, chemicals, variants).

You're welcome to take a look and try things out. The Swagger documentation would be a good place to start.

We would love to get feedback on what we have so far, as well as hear about what you'd like to do with our API.

Please remember: This is a BETA version of the API.

URLs and response formats may change at any time while we are developing it. Please keep an eye on the PharmGKB Blog or the PharmGKB Twitter feed for an announcement of the final, stable API. The final release will also be noted in the documentation.